what to expect 

Part of the family…

We know visiting a new church can be kind of overwhelming. At Eastside, we have done our best to create a casual environment, where you can feel free to be yourself. Eastside is a very friendly group of people with a love for everyone. In fact, if you choose to visit us, you may hear the word “family” being used quite a bit, as that is how we view each other and those who join us for worship.

Two churches: one building…

In 2015, we opened the doors of our church to another group of Christians (Grace Bible Church) who needed a place to worship. We have been blessed to share our space with this extended family through the ministry of hospitality. So if you come, you may notice 2 different groups, and that’s ok. Eastside generally uses the north entrance, but any of our greeters around the building will be able to help you find your way to an appropriate class or worship service.

a typical sunday…

We encourage everyone to feel free to participate in all parts of the service with us, as they feel comfortable. One of the first things people notice is that, by preference, we enjoy the beauty of a cappella singing when we all worship together. But don’t be surprised if you see a band leading worship in a Bible class, Life Group or Friday night service. Also, we participate in communion every week, since celebrating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is what forms who we are and how we live throughout the week. Finally, while the best way to learn about us is to check us out in person, you can also get a better idea of what to expect by listening to one of our online sermons.



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